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“Sustainability as a driver of development”.

The 21st Meeting of the Valorpneu Network took place on the 21st and 22nd of November, under the motto: “Sustainability as a driver of development ”. Topics such as the new license granted to Valorpneu for 2024, the adoption of more sustainable practices in the management of end-of-life tires, the most recent general waste management regime and the new action plan for the circular economy.

Valorpneu Network Meeting - jcconsulting consultancy
21st Valorpneu Network Meeting, November 2023

The work session ended with a panel on “Tire life cycle, sustainability cycle” for which Carla Pinto, from DGAE, Gracinda Marote, from APA, Pedro Carreira, from Continental Mabor and APIB, Joaquim Seiça, from ANIRP, José Carvalho, from JCConsulting, and Hélder Barata Pedro, from ACAP.

In his intervention, our managing partner characterized tire recycling in Portugal, Europe and the world, pointing out the main obstacles facing the tire recycling industry and market trends regarding recycled tire products"< /p>

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