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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

A partnership between the Beach Tenis Mosquito company and JCConsulting in the use of textiles derived from the recycling of tennis balls in new products useful for the sport, such as training bags and racket covers.

Since 2021, JCConsulting has been studying ways to recycle and transform end-of-life tennis, padel and beach tennis balls into new products.

In its quest to affirm beach tennis in Portugal, "Mosquito" has made rackets and balls available to beach tennis athletes and promoted the practice of the sport with annual tournaments.

Aware that the carbon footprint of each sport must be, whenever possible, reduced or neutralized within the sport itself, it was necessary to find a partnership that could operationalize this way of thinking. The perseverance and will to win of both companies led them to believe that working together would benefit the market. The beach tennis tournament next weekend, September 16th and 17th, will be the stage for the launch of products, created by jcconsulting, from the recycling of used beach tennis, tennis and padel balls and the best players in the tournament will receive covers for their rackets, not only as prizes, but also as a symbol of commitment to sustainability. The beach tennis competition will take place at Académica de S. Mamede de Infesta, 16th and 17th September, an event organized by Mosquito.

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