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Products and Services can be improved! They just need an opportunity

JCConsulting helps your companies customers to develop their products and services, taking into account the principles of circular economy that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN). Engineer José Carvalho, founder of the company, explained the value and importance of this activity.

Valor Magazine - November 2023

What is JCConsulting?

JCConsulting is an active consultancy company that works on the development, innovation and continuous improvement of processes and products, taking into account circular economy principles and addressing the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

"In Nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed" - Antoine de Lavoisier

What does JCConsulting do?

Our vision is that everything can be improved . As Antoine de Lavoisier said, in Nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Therefore, we mainly work on solutions for end-of-life materials, which are not traditionally the focus of most economic operators. We are finding

solutions for recycling and using recycled balls tennis, padel and beach tennis; of sneaker soles; in flip-flops; of surfing suits; waste from the rubber industry; waste from the footwear industry; and waste from other industries. All this integrating different areas of knowledge and industry sectors to generate the most appropriate solutions to the customer's needs, from the transformation process to the final product.

Can you indicate specific cases of existing applications?

So far we have developed and produced: granules and powders derived from waste, which we call ReGrind; synthetic skins, which we call ReSkin; sneaker soles that we call ReSoles; surf decks that we call ReDeck; flooring that we call ReFloor; backpacks and rackets bags, which we call ReShape; and sneakers, which we call ReShoes. You can find detailed information em

The United Nations defines sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. JCConsulting always has sustainability as the starting point of its projects. Why do you attribute this strategic nature to sustainability?

Since the beginning of the 90s, Earth Overshooting Day has been getting earlier and earlier:

This is the day when humanity's consumption of resources for the year exceeds the Earth's ability to regenerate those resources for that year. In 2023 we recovered five days compared to the previous two years. But is it consistent? At JCConsulting we believe there is only one way. Moving from the linear economy, where most people still are, to the circular economy. And the solution has to involve thinking, in each project, about what exists and how it will be used now and in the future.

What analysis do you make of the openness of mentality on the part of businesspeople to carry out the necessary changes for cleaner and more sustainable industrial activity?

Rising energy costs, the difficulty of finding labor and the need to reduce costs lead companies to focus on sustainability. The use of clean and efficient technologies, the development of new materials and products and the optimization of production processes are some of the ways to make the business more sustainable. However, the instability of the markets we live in with COVID, the war in Ukraine, the threat of inflation and now the war in the Middle East make decisions increasingly difficult. Entrepreneurs should be alerted that there are investment support programs that can make the process less onerous, as small businesses in particular still face it with more difficulties, due to lack of funds and the complexity and demands linked to investment programs. support.

Noticia Valor Magazine, n.39, November 2023

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